1. These rules are in effect from Friday 22nd October 2021 until further notice.
  2. Check-in must be done via the QR code at the entry. If you don’t have a smart phone, you must fill in the attendance sheet beside the mat box. Vaccination status can be proven by any of the government approved methods.
  3. Bowling at Monbulk is available to fully vaccinated people only, DQ4 (density quotient 4 square metres) with a cap of 50 people outdoors. Training is allowed but no competition at this stage.
  4. Indoor facilities, including bistro, bars, and toilets, will be available to fully vaccinated people only, with a cap of 20 people indoors, and only when paid staff are on duty. Club tea/coffee facilities cannot be used. Cash can still be used but all patrons are encouraged to use cashless payments where possible.
  5. Before using the drinking water fountains, please read the instructions, posted on the fountains.
  6. Masks must be worn and worn correctly at all times, unless eating or drinking.
  7. Bowlers must sanitise their hands before and after their bowling session. Hand sanitiser will be kept locked in the mat cupboard.
  8. Bowlers must disinfect mats and jacks before use and before placing them back in the cupboard. A spray bottle of disinfectant will be kept in the mat cupboard.
  9. Please consider others – if you are feeling unwell, do not come to the club.
  10. Spectators are not allowed unless you are eating or drinking at the venue.



At Monbulk Bowling Club we offer:

  • Access to two synthetic bowling greens each with 7 rinks for year round bowls
  • Free Coaching
  • Comfortable Club rooms
  • Bowling under lights
  • Competition and Social Bowls
  • A warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Low annual fees
  • An active social and entertainment programme
  • Access to the Monbulk Bistro

Monbulk Bowling Club has members of all ages representing the club in Pennant and Social Games.

It is easy to become involved in what is a friendly, yet competitive game. There is no such thing as a lonely bowler at Monbulk.

Low Annual Club Fees

The annual fee for bowling membership is:

  • Full Bowling Membership  $145.00 per annum (2021/22 season)
  • New bowlers $50 for first year
  • Bowlers 25 or under have free membership