Mavis Mathews passed away recently

Mavis Matthews passed away this week, October 12, 2016. She was born in December 1922 — a long innings and a very active innings. She was our longest serving member, having been a Life Member and one of the original Foundation lady members (Associates) at MBC from 1967. 

A list of her achievements at Monbulk Bowling Club, on and off the green, take up more than a whole page, so, just to summarise a few of them:

  • Regional Delegate from 1966/67 to 86/87, that is 19 years
  • Team Selector for 7 years
  • Ladies’ President for 2 years, Vice President for 8 years, Committee Member for 7 years
  • Umpire Level 1 for 8 years
  • Monbulk Club Champion NINE TIMES
  • Club Champion R/Up twice
  • Presidents Hcp Champion 7 times
  • Proportional Hcp Champion 6 times
  • Regional Champion 3 times
  • Numerous pairs and teams titles at Regional level
  • Played in 4 winning premiership Division 1 sides, 3 times as skip

The MBC flag that we currently fly was actually made by Mavis. And that is the third MBC flag she has made for the club. The first was burnt in a clubhouse fire, the second wore out.

The life story of Mavis was written up in the April 2011 club newsletter. It gave an interesting historical view of the club because Mavis was there from the early days in the 1960’s, along with her husband, Arthur. She saw the club grow from an ordinary paddock and she was an important part of the bowling club life.

Margaret Ross, Ian’s wife, has been a long term good mate of Mavis. They bowled together and went on many bowling trips together. Margaret and Ian have been constant visitors during the last couple of years when Mavis’s health was declining – a testament to the lasting friendships to come from the bowling fraternity.

Just a few months ago, another of Mavis’s bowling mates, Betty Michelson, passed away. At that time the MBC Ladies Pairs Championship trophy was renamed the Betty Michelson/Mavis Matthews trophy, (the M & M trophy) in honour of these two amazing ladies.

For her many services to the club, Mavis was made a LIFE MEMBER, and, for the life of the club, she will be remembered.

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